Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is Tristin, and I just want to start by saying this blog is so beautiful it nearly made me cry...and then I recovered. I have nothing super important to say, but here is a list of stuff I want to say.

  • Happy Birthday Jordan!! If you want to join the celebration, go to and leave a comment. Woot.
  • I edited the family pictures from the last post and I think it looks awesome. Here it is:

Don't tell me it isn't awesome or I will just snap...
  • Yesterday I finally figured out how to sync my iPhone with my Google contacts. It took nearly a whole day and I'm really mad at my computer. But I did it and I'm proud of it. Don't pretend you aren't impressed. You are blown away by my skills. You can barely resist calling me right now to help you with all your computer needs. Resist! If you can.
That's all for now. If Juanique doesn't ban me from posting again, there will be more fantasticness on the way. Bye!

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  1. wow Tristin, you truly are awesome and wise. you got mad skills indeed :)))