Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Salvesen/Roney Family Pictures

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Jr Day, my side of the family (bless their hearts) decided to do family photos. If you know my family you know that trying to get us to do something altogether is going to bring about fussing and complaining and impatience. We first set up the camera where we all were facing the sun. Not cool!! So we had the blazing sun shining in our eyes and what we'd do is set the timer of the camera, all close our eyes and when the camera beeped on cue we'd say "1,2,3 OPEN" and we'd all open our eyes, smile and wait for the camera to take the picture. What would follow were a lot of groans, "AAAAH's" "Ouches" and "OOOOO's". It was quite hilarious hearing us all complain about our eyes hurting at the same time. I'll post those pics up soon but right now I'll put this pic of us that caught us off guard. I thought it was kinda cute, actually.


  1. hahahahahaha i can just imagine!! had quite a laugh reading the post & looking at the pic - i love it!

  2. gross juanique!! yeah family photos...not so great. I'm glad that you guys were told to be there at 12:15 as well because i think the whole fam was mad at me for not being there at 12. whoopsie daisy! But we were right! Like always :) Lets play games soon. Or watch a movie! Oh yeah, i'm glad you guys finally got a blog that you update!!! woo hoo!

  3. Looky Looky what I found. All I had to do was some searching and get lucky looking at the stutz and I found your blog, sneaky I am.