Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aaaaaah! Cayman.

What's to say about Cayman? It was just wonderful! No schedule, no obligations, no nothing. Just peace and rest and relaxation. And for once I actually have a tan. Amazing. The last time I was tan was probably 4 years ago.

Any way, the pictures speak for themselves. Sleep, wake up, eat, swim, read, swim, snorkel, eat, read, swim, sleep. Our days went a little something like that. Oddly, Cayman reminds me of South Africa and Durban. The plants and humidity are so familiar to me. I loved it! We all did!


  1. I love Cayman. I want to go back soooooo bad. Just sit on the beach at rum point.... play in the glorious water.... you lucky girl.

  2. GORGEOUS. I want to go. wait- I need to type that louder. I WANT TO GO. Can you believe I'm having another baby?! What am I crazy?! I just got the one I have potty trained finally and now I'm starting from scratch?! When will you be home again???