Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still Alive and Kicking

Hi friends!

So It's been close to a small eternity since I've blogged. I'm sure many of you haven't really notice and I'm sure it hasn't altered your universe by an means. The past two-or-so months have been a crazy, busy -blur in my opinion so time to blog has been non existent.

So I think this will be the briefest blog I'll write. And lets be honest, we don't have kids, animals or any missionaries to write or brag about. Our lives right now, although busy, are pretty average for the time being. Needless to say, it seems like everyone else's worlds are going 100 MPH! We love hearing the news about everyone's lives and wish we were there to celebrate it will you all!

So for some announcements and commentary on our lives for the past 2 months:

My Brother, Conryd and my sister-in-law, Aly, are PREGNANT! YAY! I'm so uber thrilled for them I could scream! They're going to have an adorable half Asian baby! Congrats you guys.

As of late I am now applying for citizenship! Woo hoo! No more harassment for me at the airports! I'm seriously sick to death of being frisked and thoroughly searched every time I walk into an airport! So hold thumbs for my family and I that get it please. I don't want to give away my SA citizenship but life will be a lot more convenient when I do. No more Alien ID numbers for me!

Tristin and I went to our first Rockies Baseball Game in August! I think that I can really call myself a TRUE African-American now that I've been to a Rockies Game! They may not have won, but it was awesome to be there and enjoy the music and energy of the stadium! My favorite part was definitely the individual music that played for 10 seconds before each Rockies player went up to bat! Tolowitsky's "theme music" was "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus. I busted up laughing every time he went up to bat because that music would play for him.

Tristin is enjoying school this year, he says it's challenging but very worth it. We found out that after his Masters Degree here at Naropa, he can continue to get his PhD at BYU! So in 2 years time Tristin and I might be back at BYU....just like old times. Haha. Man, are we going to feel old when we go back! (I'll be going back to finish my Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Sciences).

So....yeah, that's pretty much our life right now. You really haven't missed much and there really isn't a lot to tell. I'm not going to lie, our lives are extremely busy, me burning out with work and Tristin burning out with school, but there's really not much more going on in the world of the Colorado Roneys!

Still loving the married life, still loving each other, still loving our lives...What more is there, really?


  1. You are having SOME excitement, riding on horsies in Costco, etc.!

    I, for one, am NOT counbting down the days until you leave Colorado..BOO! (But I know what you mean..:)

  2. well it's about time! :)

    *on a weirder note, why do both people become pregnant when just the chica is with child? i've always found that somewhat disturbing... i don't wanna imagine a dude with a baby bump!

    ps: now i have 'party in the usa' stuck in my head/mind/brain/mouth moving muscles etc etc :)

    love yer guts!!

  3. Its good to have you back!!!! Good luck with the citizenship application> hope it goes well. Ps our lives changed a bit when you didn't blog...... just saying we enjoy the blogging. Good luck to Mr. T too with the books.