Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Stupa of DharmaKaya

This past Sunday and Monday I got to see Tristin at his meditation retreat (YAYAYAY)! He's staying at the Shambala retreat up at Red Feather's Lake (just west of Fort Collins in the mountains). It was a blast!

The first day was windy and rainy but we still hiked around. Tristin took me to see the Stupa (temple) that was built to honor the guy who was very influential in helping start the Shambala group in Colorado as well as founding Naropa.
Rumor has it
that when he died and when they cremated his body, all was incinerated EXCEPT for his skull which remained completely unscathed. So when they built the statue for the Stupa to honor him, they placed the skull in the center of the statues chest where the heart would be. Kinda cool, right?

Sunday was Palm Sunday but we turned it into "Pine" Sunday instead (we have no palm trees in the mountains unfortunately). Truth be told, I've never experience a Palm Sunday "ritual" that most churches do....we don't really do that in our LDS circles, do we? We have lessons on Palm Sunday about Palm Sunday, but that's it. So to experience an impromptu "Pine" Sunday service was quite fun.

Monday Tristin and I spent most of the day hiking, reading and napping. It was a PERFECT day!

Then Tuesday came along and I had to leave, but I'm counting down the day's til he returns. Before leaving he said to me, "Maybe I could hide you under my bed." It's good to know I'm missed sometimes :)

PS: I wrote Tristin asking him to get some video of the temple and possibly the large statue inside it. I have pics but I think video will be more "wow".

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