Sunday, June 19, 2011

Exactly Where Have we Been?

Hi! We are still here! Alive, happy, and keeping very busy!

Wow, have we been busy! This month we have...

Moved into our new apartment in Boulder! Let's hope round two with Boulder living goes more smoothly than round one (which involved a little water damage).

We've been doing A LOT of this (I convinced Tristin to start training with me. He's an EXCELLENT running partner):

We've been having too much fun doing this:

Royal Arch, Boulder

And this:

Dont forget this:

With lots of laughs doing this:

(nothing beats a lecture from a friend-nurse on the floor in Costco about how advil and ibuprofen are the same thing with different names)

Oh yeah, I've also been called to teach some of these girls (I'm now a Laurel Advisor! My favorite calling thus far!)

And last but not least, I have been very busy building up my business doing lots and lots of this:

Just this week my business (which is a pretty full practice) got featured with a local marketing company. SO I've been a little slammed as of late (Who knew there was a little business women/workacholic in me)

So Tristin and I are feeling pretty blessed these days. Heavenly Father's been so good to us! I get to spend MORE time with my husband, do MORE of the things I want to (like train for a half marathon, hike, swim and see family once a month) and still do what I love four days a week!

Things that I'm looking forward to this summer are definitely...

Seeing this handsome guy once a month:

Ain't he cute?

And going here:

I'm needing a serious dose of Vit D!

The past 5 months have definitely been our best here in Colorado. I feel so blessed. 2010 seems like such a distant memory now.

Life, you've been so good to us lately! My Sanity thanks you!

The other day our roommate, Casey, share a mantra he says to himself daily. It's one I've now adopted for myself and which I like to think embodies everything I feel at this point in my life. Thanks for sharing your mantra, Casey!

Here I am, I am here, and I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be!

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  1. I like you guys. I think you're sweet. Thats it. Also, way to be runners!