Saturday, August 13, 2011

Boulder, The American Cape Town

Last month (July 6th-9th) my parents came to town to visit us! My mom LOVES Boulder. She says it feels like Cape Town to her and Cape Town is a pretty amazing place!
Normally when they do come to town they love to eat out and buy us a lot of food. You'd think by the way they act that I don't feed Tristin. They, my mother in particular, would force (YES, force!) us to buy things. No joke...

mom: "Juan, do you and Tristin want some of these gluten free cookies?"
Juan: "No thanks mom. We don't need it"
mom to the guy selling cookies: "I'll take 2 boxes of cookies please"
Juan: "No mom, seriously, I don't want it!"
mom: "Oh yes you do. You'll want it later"

Wednesday my parents took Tristin, myself and our roommate Casey to the Boulders Farmers market and then to eat at the Dushambe Tea House. They seriously have THE BEST food in Boulder....I'm sure of it!
The love birds....and me

Thursday and Friday consisted of more dining out in Boulder. Leaf Restaurant (which is a vegan restaurant) and The Mediteranian are now one my top 5 of Favorite Restaurants. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us to places we wouldn't normally go :)

Saturday we revisited the Farmers Market and continued our bickering about being forced to buy food. At least I know she loves me.

The bottom line is, I LOVED having my parents here. Thanks Mom and Dad for spoiling us rotten. You guys are above and beyond wonderful

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