Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pets (Part 2)

So apparently I think filming pets is really fun. Animals are hysterical to me. Here are some recent videos I've taken of some of the loves in my life.

You might remember Breckenridge. Since we moved out of the Gourgouris's home he's greeted us in the manner every time we go back to visit.  He seriously goes NUTS and starts yipping and stealing my shoes.

Then there's Desi. She's earned that name from me because she will do anything to get you in bed with her. She LOVES to cuddle! She'll "call" you, make sure you start following her and then lead you to either a bed or a chair so she can snuggle! it's really very cute!

In conclusion I would like to admit that I might be turning into one of those crazy ladies that blogs about animals. when I start taking stray cats in is when we should start worrying. By that point I hope someone will tell me that I may need mental help.

1 comment:

  1. These are so cute! Avett kept on looking at the computer screen when Breckenridge was barking. :)