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This year's been a tough year for vacationing. Tristin's been very busy with school and I've been busy with work and baby making. Even during spring Tristin was enrolled in classes and then busy with research conferences and research projects most of the summer. That was fine with me because I was pretty much useless all summer anyway. No appetite, no energy, no will to do anything really. I was thrilled to see this summer end-- the heat, coupled with exhaustion and nausea was just killing me. Goodbye summer! Hello Fall

Tristin and I decided that even with the baby on the way, refinancing on our home and paying for medical bills we had to budget in one more vacation together: just he and I. Of course we chose to go to Disneyland. That's kind of a no brainer for us! But even more importantly was WHEN would we go to Disneyland! Tristin LOVES Nightmare Before Christmas so we were off to Disney for the Halloween Time Theme of Nightmare!

Our trip started off with a layover in Vegas. We spent an hour fighting traffic to get to the best buffet in Vegas to realize that the wait to be served was over an hour. In pregnancy time, an hour is like 100 years. There was NO WAY I was waiting that long to eat! I had already driven around for an hour getting to the place. So we ended up eating at Whole Foods. Anticlimactic, I know, but it was the closest place and I was starving!

Over at the hotel where the buffet was. I don't even remember the buffet's name other than it was suppose to be the best in Vegas.

Conclusion about Vegas: Hate the place. It really sucks. Too much smoke, too many yucky billaboards, too much traffic. It's just blah and overrated! I'll take the beautiful Provo mountains over the Strip any day, thanks!

Next stop was Califiornia! We arrived late at night and crashed with the anticipation of getting to Disney early the next day!

Day 1 Disney:
Breakfast at 7:30am, Disney Theme Park at 8:30am! We couldn't have planned it better ourselves if we tried! We were literally just walking onto rides and often riding by ourselves! The longest we waited in a line that morning was probably about 20 minutes! Easy, peasy! Tristin did point out that one of the reasons that was the case was because we weren't going on all the "big kid" rides (pregnant lady and all). Although that was probably the case, the wait for those rides that morning must have been really short! By the time noon came along we were waiting for some of the more popular rides for maybe 30 minutes or so! Good times were rolling!


Nightmare before Christmas/ Haunted Mansion was the first  ride we went on!

I wish I had that carriage in my yard for Halloween

Not only the sweetest place on earth but the hot chocolate was so sweet I thought I'd get cavities just smelling the darn thing. 

...didn't stop me from drinking it though :)

Pretty sure Tristin practices all his faces for these ride's snapshots. I laugh every time I look at it!

Bad angle but you get the just of it, right?

We had lunch over in the Bayou area. Tristin had the famous Monte Cristo (a billion callories per bite) and I had the healthy chicken salad (baby needs his greens, ya know). Of course I stole a few bites of that Cristo. There was no way we were going all the way to Cali and I just ignore the Cristo. I'm not that crazy!

Nearing towards the end of the day. This kiddie rid was actually one of my favorites! It felt SO GOOD to have my legs swing and dangle for the time period of the ride
By 4:30pm my achy breaky pregnant body had had it! My hips and belly were just killing me! I'm sure I had walked my baby into a million naps. Not only was he tired, but so was I. we got back to the hotel to watch the BYU football game... but I kept falling asleep during it. The only thing that would wake me up was my fear that I had walked my baby into a coma. He was out like a light! No movement for a good few hours! After shaking my belly and realizing there was still life in there, I was able to sleep myself into a deep coma that night.

Day 2 we started in California Adventure and went on some of our favorite rides: Midtown Express, Soarin', A bugs life. I Tried to talk Tristin into going on Tower of Terror without me but he refused and said it wouldn't be fun by himself. He was perfectly fine tolerating all the little kiddy rides with me which I thought was very sweet of him. After spending the morning in California Adventure, we hopped back over to Disneyland to re-ride some of our favorite rides and finish up on rides we hadn't yet visited. Buzz Lightyear was a must (I kicked Tristin's butt both times) as was Pirates of the Caribbean. We tried to go on Haunted Mansion one last time but the line was over an hour. By that afternoon my hips had given in and an hour of standing felt like it could have killed me. We went home a little earlier that day, napped on and off that late afternoon with the intention of going back for the parade and fireworks but I found that I just couldn't keep myself awake long enough to endure the trek back. So instead we watched movies that night and slept like rocks.

As usual, A Small World was closed AGAIN! But an obligatory picture near it was needed.

Kicking but on Buzz Lightyear Blasters

And last but not least, getting a very amatuer picture with the Cheshire cat in the backround. Alice in Wonderland always freaked me out as a kid but T LOVED it so the cat picture was a must

Disney was incredible! Everything we wanted. For the last time we were able to experience life as two old kids enjoying their childhood dreams together. It took about 10 days for my hips to recuperate from all the walking but it was definitely worth it!  Next time we hit up Disneyland, it'll be as parents vicariously living the thrill of Disneyland through their son's first experience of the magic and wonderment!

With that being said, we can't wait for you to be here, my sweet boy! Fun adventures await us as a family! See you in February!

27 weeks pregnant! Here we go 3rd trimester!

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