Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Past Month, or So...

So a lot has happened the past month. In December we celebrated 6 birthdays and our 2 year Anniversary (woot woot), we celebrated christmas and then New Years we spent playing Pirates Cove with Conryd, Aly and my mother in-law. We're not really the partying type.

anywho, I just wanted to post some pics over the past month that I've taken from my iphone that might be fun sharing. Oh and I've transferred all of my blog stuff from our previous blog to this one so if everthing seems a little out of wack, that is why....

Christmas morning at Tristins Parents house. It's a sea of presents!!

This is Dessi after playing outside in the snow for about 20 minutes. She kinda forms these snowballs in her hair that we have to blow dry so she doesnt wet everything in the house. She may look like a stupid dog but shes really quite adorable!

Flowers From Tristin

My birthday flowers from Tristin

This was taken on the 9th of January at about 5pm. I thought the moon was absolutely gorgeous and worth showing ppl!

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