Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cayman, Baby!!

On Sunday, the 3rd of August, 2008, Tristins family and I flew on a plane to the awesome Cayman Islands. We arrived there about 8:30pm and were welcomed with a freak rainstorm that hit us a quick as it left us. Bebe decided to throw her clothes and diaper off to go dancing in the storm and roll in the puddles of water (I wish I took a picture of her doing her little rain dance now that I think of it). She's a hippie in the making :)

Monday, we all got settled in, swam in the pool, relaxed, read, and Tristin and I ant on a canoe ride out to rum point. I was also ableto finish my awesome book I was reading, Breaking Dawn! And to all the haters of that book, it wasn't that bad okay!
Tuesday we all went out to stingray city, played with the stingrays and then went to look for sea glass.
Today, Wednesday, we went out to snorkel by the reef where we saw a lot of fishies and an eel (ooh). Now we're just relaxing and enjoying our peace and quiet. That's when Tristin convinced me to do this blog, yay! So I hope that who ever reads this enjoys it. I've been meaning to start blogging a while back so now I'm glad I get to finally do it

On Thursday night, Tristin and I went kayaking in the bay with the glowing plankton. What was really cool was when you'd put your ore in the water and startle the fish, you could see them swim because their movements would cause the plankton to glow showing us exactly where they were and where they were swimming to. I tried to take a picture of it but unfortunately it didnt really work but we got an AMAZING picture of the moon, the bay and the milkyway of stars. Cayman is just magical. If anyone every has the opportunity to go, GO!! It's just paradise!

On Friday we went out to stingray city again and OH MY it was AMAZING! The stingrays were plenty, the tourists few and we had plenty of squid to feed them so they were hungry and desperate to eat. as we got in the water they literally just swarmed us. It was hard to not step on them because they would come to you at all angles and swim on you. I cant explain it well so hopefully the pictures will give you a better idea.

Here you can see the stingrays circling us. The darker, bigger stingrays are the females and are more friendly. You can actually hold them long enough to kiss them on the nose. The small, lighter stingrays are really mean and kinda whip you with their tails which are really scratchy. They don't really sting, they just startle you if you tough the tail.

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